The Firm

The Law Firm of Alvin C. Jones, P.A., was formed in 2001 and quickly grew into a general litigation practice.  However, in response to the economic recession in 2009, Counselor Jones began developing a niche in the small business community by counseling self-employed business owners about the asset protection and tax benefits of the Co-Operative Enterprise.  By 2012, we had not only embraced this new niche, but had established it as our new focus.

Counselor Jones manages this firm with a deeply internalized understanding that anything worth doing is worth doing right.  So, while the firm has evolved in many ways during its 17-year existence, these appreciated characteristics will forever distinguish us from the crowd:  We are well-learned and deliberate, we strive daily for perfection, and you can count on us!

Should you wish to discuss an opportunity to engage our services, please contact us at your convenience.  Although we are not always available to speak by phone, we are never closed from business!